• Complete Design Build
  • Industrial Machine Design
  • Mechanical and Pneumatic Systems
  • Mechanical Systems & Sensor Integration
  • CNC Machined Assemblies
  • Assembly Fixtures & Tooling
  • Material Handling Systems

iQuest Engineering LLC is a South Carolina mechanical engineering firm specializing in industrial and automation equipment development and upgrades, production efficiency improvements, product design and prototyping services.  We have been helping our clients achieve their goals since 2005.  There is no project too small.  Please send us a message to explore how we can help you.  We are licensed Professional Mechanical Engineers in both South Carolina and California.

iQuest Engineering can enable you to achieve more

Want to improve your company’s existing products or create something new?

Want to produce more products in the same timeframe?

Want to reduce your company’s production costs and optimize your processes?

Do you need to automate your processes or upgrade your equipment to gain a competitive edge on your competition?

Do you need more production capability or to re-tool your plant for a new product?

We are experienced “Hands On” engineers that research, design, and fabricate your equipment.  The iQuest team is comprised of engineers and fabricators that closely collaborate and blend the lines between design and fabrication to produce smart, simple, cost effective, reliable equipment. 

Do you have an idea to develop?  We specialize in bringing products and equipment to life, from ideas to reality.  Utilizing SolidWorks 3D CAD tools we create digital and 3D printed models, low cost prototypes and full-scale production models.  

iQuest Engineering is a lean, progressive Professional Mechanical Engineering Firm with an efficient cost structure and low overhead.  We specialize in productivity improvements, industrial equipment design and prototype development.  With over 35 years of experience developing new and improving existing products, industrial and automation equipment, tooling and fixtures, streamlining automotive and aircraft production.  We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and developed numerous machines and products.  We can help you achieve more!  

Would you like to meet and discuss your needs or have us review your production facilities to explore how we can help you achieve your goals at no cost or risk to you?  We can offer recommendations for opportunities to improve your products, production equipment, and efficiency, ultimately we can team with you to improve your operations, product offerings and save you money.


Why Choose iQuest Engineering

  • We Develop Ideas into Reality
  • Optimal Combination of Theoretical and Practical Engineering
  • Creating Innovations in the Aircraft, Automobile and Industrial Equipment Markets
  • Responsive, Efficient Engineering Solutions
  • Your Partner to Develop Simple Innovative Solutions to Your Complex Problems


  • Professional Mechanical Engineering Registration in California and South Carolina
  • Industrial Machine Design, Fabrication and Integration
  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • SolidWorks 2016 - 3D Computer Modeling, Drafting and Analysis
  • Fully Integrated Production Systems – Mechanical, Structural, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gear Trains, Electrical Controls, Sensors, Electric Motors and Drives
  • Process Automation
  • Assembly and Tooling Fixture Development

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